Our Mission

AccelerateX is an initiative that offers methods and best practises to kickstart innovative product development projects in academic environments.

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    Straight outta university

    We are coming out of an academic environment and therefore are aware of the challenges which appear within student projects.

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    Houston, we have a problem...

    We offer MissionControl as a highly-integrated DevOps-Platform to speed up agile development teams. Built upon cutting-edge and battle-proven software tools.

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    Thumbs up for Open Source and Open Innovation

    We believe in the power of communities and open communication. That's why we commit ourselves to share our achievements with the world.


Our integrated framework


Making software development faster and more customer-orientated by using techniques like Design Thinking and agile approaches like DevOps, Scrum and parts of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe 4.0)

Defined Processes

Going through the whole DevOps-Lifecycle, we are offering prescribed approaches to boost team performance.

Integrated Project Management

Using various PM-Tools we are able to map various levels of the project. From a high-level portfolio tier towards detailed information within the product level.

Continuous Delivery

Going through an automated Delivery Pipeline, all types of changes – including new features, experiments and bug fixes – are brought into production, or into the hands of the user.

Scalable Framework

MissionControl is built as a blueprint for student projects in an academic environment. Therefore it is highly adaptable to the certain requirements.


Operated Projects

There are various product development projects running in MissionControl. The project teams consist of students of the University of Applied Sciences Munich.


Open source learning management platform that offers a bundle of web based services for several aspects of a student life: calendar, curricula, events, communication, thesis and exams. NINE includes a set of app sub-projects named fillter.


Open source quiz system that adopts fitness and gaming approaches for multipurpose scenarios: exam preparation, online tests / assessments and peer instructions.


Open source web application which is used in the cultural education, i.e. preparation for visits of art museums. Tagging is used for training image observation.

Who we are

The founding team of AccelerateX

Olav Hinz

Chairman & Mentor

Wolfgang Pankratz

Head of IT

Maximilian Osterholzer


Thomas Krenbauer

Business Development